Infograph for Genesis Mining

New years eve card

For the employees in Sweden and Iceland mining farms

City Guide

Brouschure, Milan city guide, in collaboration with Tods, during a Mytheresa-event


3 Illustration of 3 icons describing customers over the world, history in cryptocurrency & blockchain network

Kids measurements

illustration for all kids clothing for

Home care tablet app

Designed the UI for a modern electronical smart home app

Vacation shop campaign, concept, ideation and layout of newsletters, banners and the homepage

Cash is king

Idea, design and mockup.

Swedish paragliding app

UI design including illustrating buttons and background


Graphic design for a 100 pages business power point presentation for the Sigma Group of Europe

SIBA flyers

Layout and graphic design for SIBA 4-pages flyers with different campagins

Washing illustration

Idea work, skretching, design and final retouch for Kärcher high pressure washer

Skin care broschure

Layout and final art for SCA and Tork product broschure

Make over banners

Illustrations and print material for renovation for Theresa in Munich

Love our customers

Data visualization of customer data for internal exhibition at mytheresa. Group project 50%

Bachelor party game

Redesign from an excel sheet

Broker fee on us campaign for the asian market

Lightning cataloge

Easyform outside lightning, layout, form and disposition of catalog

Christmas baby catalog

Layout and final art for a 20 pages christmas catalog for Jollyroom for all new moms in 2011.

SIBA Christmas catalog 2015

Design, layout, idea work and final art for the catalog of totally 48 pages.

Retouch Oriflame

Before and after retouch for Oriflame skincare in Stockholm

Food on the table

Concept, layout and retouch of different recipes for

Designer store TV landingpage

In collaboration with Gianvito Rossi.

Fast cars

Drawed in illustrator for sports travel companies

The tree illution

Idea, design and retouch.

Frut frog

Idea and retouch.